Off The Map Charters March 2020 Fishing Report

Autumn (fall) is prime fishing time in Sydney and what a weekend it was. Our deckhand went fishing on his day off (he does that) and managed to catch a Mako Shark – perfect for the bbq, - good eating and no bones so excellent for children. As well as that they managed to tag a small Tiger Shark as part of Fisheries research and had a much larger Tiger Shark at the boat. Friends caught a Striped Marlin at the aptly named Bait Station the day before so all boded well.

The sharks are here for a reason and the radio chatter explained that. Small Dolphin Fish (Dorado, Mahi Mahi) were around all day on the hunt and further south the Yellowfin Tuna were moving north.

With the fish about and fair weather, despite a cancelled tournament a number of boats wet out from Broken Bay on Sunday and had a magical day. The fleet found the tuna and whilst the bite was fickle they could be turned on at times, many boats kept a yellowfin for the table and released many more. Of course the challenge was to get the yellowfin to the boat before the Mako sharks got them, with one around 200kg putting on a blistering display launching itself out of the water as it crashed the lure. Aswell as all of this the Blue Marlin were in attendance – a perfect day to be fishing off the shelf.

The fish are here, - Autumn is prime time to get amongst them.