Fishing report February 22

Fishing this summer has been extremely good with RU4 Reel catching lots of quality table fish, tuna, Mahi Mahi and a nice striped Marlin. Most of the action has been out wide in the Tasman with sea surface temperatures above 25C in January and February.

Water quality has been exceptional and we have been catching lots of Kingfish in Pittwater and at Longreef. The Sydney North FADs and Terrigal FAD both have been producing good size Mahi Mahi, Tuna and small Marlin.

The estuary and close reefs have been fishing extremely well with us getting great results capturing lots of good size ( 40cm plus ) flathead and snapper, good size tailor, Bonito and a few Frigate Mackerel.

However, the massive east coast low to we are experiencing now has shut the fishing down completely with 5 metre seas, huge swell, gale-force winds, massive rain squall and localised flooding inducing debris into the waterways. We are stuck in port waiting for the weather to improve and seas to abate.

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