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Off the Map Charters provide the fishing tackle, lures, and bait for your charter. Onboard we have cold bottled water, soft drinks, snack foods, tea and coffee available for you. You will need to bring your own food and alcoholic drinks that you may require.
You should also have a dry change of clothes to wear home as there is a good chance that you might wet while we are out. If you have a good spray jacket bring it along with you also something warm as you can get cold with the wind on your body. You will also need a hat, sunglasses and sun protection, even in winter you can get very sunburnt out in the Tasman Sea.

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If you suffer from seasickness it is best to consult your doctor or pharmacist for professional advice before your charter. There are many medications available and some are more effective than others. It is best to start taking the medication around lunchtime the day prior to your charter and continue taking it  as prescribed until we drop you off back at the wharf. It is too late to start the meds when you are on the boat and starting to feel ill. There are many stages of seasickness but no matter how bad you feel there is a very good chance it won’t kill you. Also remain off the booze the night before and try to get a good nights sleep. Passengers effected by alcohol will not be allowed to board the boat. This is for your own safety and the safety of others on the boat that we strictly enforce this rule.
The fish you catch are yours. Big fish are tagged and released. If you are a financial member of a game fishing club the tag cards will be completed in your name and sent off for you. Quality table fish you take home with you so you will need to bring an esky or chiller fish storage bag or similar to transport your catch in. There are size and bag limits in NSW and we comply with these rules, so if the fish you catch is under size even it is just by 1 or 2 mm it is returned to the sea. The fish must be unprocessed when you get off the boat with your catch.
Plan to be at the departure point about 30 minutes prior to your boarding time. This should give you ample time to find a good parking spot and make your way to the wharf. When doing mixed charters we do not wait for late comers and you will forfeit your charter fee.

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Off The Map Fishing Charters Sydney caters for all anglers, whether you are a novice or highly experienced.

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Experience the adventures to be had in these unspoilt ecosystems.

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Whale & Dolphin Watching

Enjoy one of Off The Map Whale watching charters most popular cruises to see the gentle ‘Giants of the Sea’.

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Experience unforgettable adventures with Off The Map Charter in the pristine waters of Pittwater, NSW, and the Tasman Sea. Our luxury charter boats provide exceptional service for inshore and offshore excursions. Join us and create your own memorable stories on the water.

Boat Charters in Pittwater: The Perfect Day Outdoors


We can’t supply foods or alcohol on the boat. We have cold soft drinks, bottled water, tea and coffee, and some snacks on board. Guest will need to bring their own foods and alcohol as required by them. We have sun protection cream available.

There is a good chance that when you go boating you will get wet. Guest should always bring some warm dry clothes, a spray or rain jacket, sunglasses, a hat for sun protection.

If you suffer from seasickness it is best to start the medication at lunchtime the day before your trip and continue to take the meds as advised by the pharmacy or your doctor until we return to the berth. If you are on the boat and feeling seasick it is too late to start these medications. Also, remain off the booze the night before and try to get a good night’s rest.

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