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Off The Map Charters R U 4 Reel Boat Image
Off The Map Fishing Charters
Off The Map Fishing Charters
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Fishing Charter Sydney

Fishing Charter Sydney: Harbour & Deep Sea Fishing

Off The Map Fishing Charters Sydney provides an exceptional experience for all anglers, from beginners to experts. Our shared charters, accommodating 8 anglers, are perfect for bonding over a love of the sport. On our luxury 38 foot Steber Sports Fisher R U 4 Reel, we offer a variety of fishing experiences, including game, sport, and estuary. With our fishing charter in Sydney, every trip is unforgettable, blending thrills and relaxation seamlessly. Join us for the ultimate deep sea fishing journey. 

Aerial view of a high-end fishing charter in Sydney

Off The Map Fishing Charters can be customised to your specific needs, including the targeting of a particular fish species. Targeted species include Marlin, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Kingfish, Snapper, Bream, Flathead, Taylor, Hairtail, and Mulloway. 
We use quality, industry-standard rods and reels. R U 4 Reel carries a full inventory of lures, including well known and highly effective lures from suppliers such as Pakula, Aloha, and Berkley.

We fish the best grounds, however remote they may be, to land you that fish of a lifetime. To the east of Pittwater lies the pristine Tasman Sea, where our Offshore Game Fishing Charters venture to the Continental Shelf and beyond. The close Inshore Reef Charters hug the beach-lined coast from East Reef to Long Reef. 

Whilst our Estuary Charters explore the rich fishing grounds of Coal and Candle Creek, Hawksbury River, Pittwater, Cowan Creek, and Broken Bay.

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Our experienced crew are knowledgeable and passionate fishermen. Their goal is to get our anglers to the appropriate fishing grounds, using their knowledge of current conditions. They provide assistance with tackle and technique to ensure anglers have the best chance of catching targeted species. 

All charters include use of rods and reels, bait, water, soft drinks, and snacks. BYO lunch and food.

Fishing In Sydney With Our Experienced Crew

Offshore Game Fishing Charter:

Full day charter of Broken Bay to sea hunting for marlin, mahi mahi, tuna, and many other species that might be biting.

Offshore Sport Fishing Charter:

Full day charter fishing the FADs and deep sea.

Inshore Reef and Estuary Fishing Charter:

Full day or half day charter fishing the reefs close to the entry of Broken Bay as well as the estuaries.

Sydney Harbour and Northern Beaches Recreational Fishing Guide

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